Not really the title I was thinking of; not even the topic I wanted to cover today. But that all changed when I came face to face with the enemy of all binge eaters everywhere; “THE MIRROR”. Yes “Mr. Throws back my imperfections at me”, I’m talking about you(Mean look on my face). It’s funny how we can go through life happy and without a care in the world until we angle our eyes just in time to catch our reflection on the store window, or a tinted car window, or the dreaded camera screen in your local supermarket. I’m telling you people, the mirror mocks us, as if assuring us that we will always have to come to terms with how we look. What did I do, you ask? Well I made a resolution as all people confronted with a horrible truth do. Granted I did stick with it for some time in January, then came the goodies.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE FOOD. Fry it, boil it, steam it, grill it, bake it, and chances are, I’ll definitely eat it. Then there’s the occasional sweet treats here and there that bring the comfort into comfort food.

I know, I know, I should stop. But its red velvet. It’s practically begging me to eat it. What am I to do, just throw it away? (Giggles) Anyway, a good treat now and then isn’t so bad, right? You don’t have to answer, I’m afraid the response will be far from my expectations.

Hence, in the spirit of cutting back, I was determined to leave the sweets behind. That was until I saw my birthday cake.

Yes people, it was a chocolate ice cream cake. I mean seriously, it’s like they were taunting me. This right here is the kind of stuff that insecurity stories are made of; just saying.

Therefore after all my binge eating and realizing that I was slowly starting to resemble a seal. I decided it was time to do something about this fat-ality, you know, because I was fat. (Chuckles) It was funnier in my head.

Yes, I explored the taboo word; EXERCISE; and trust me, it is worse than you imagine it could be. I mean sore joints, sweating like a pig, and don’t get me started on the pain. Then there’s the fitness coaches who always urge you to feel the burn; I swear I’ve come this close to throwing a shoe at the laptop every time they say that. Don’t worry, I didn’t, it was just the fatigue and constant thought of dropping down and just dying that was talking.

Thankfully it gets better. Some five months down the lane and I must say,I’m loving the idea of being fit and staying fit.

I eat better, rest more and push harder to beat my own limits. I even got myself a track suit just to put

myself in the whole mood of it, and yeah, I must say, I have grown fond of the whole idea. I even jog every morning and yes, it is a great accomplishment for me, because I love sleep even more than I love food, so I give myself credit when I can. But get this, the best part about the whole experience is that mirrors don’t scare me that much anymore, well apart from the occasional pimple, but that’s it. Otherwise, I’ve never felt better about myself and of myself.

So all this blubbering was from one lazy bum to another out there who might still feel like they have time to start doing something about their weight and eating habits. Trust me, it’s never going to come, you just need to rip out the bad habits like a bandage and just do it.

And remember, if it hurts, then it means it’s working.



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