So here we go, a new week and you can already catch that new week smell; it reeks of concentrated disappointments and a dash of dread( I think that’s the smell of the color brown….or molding clay, one of the two. Come to think of it, does brown even have a smell…hmmmm…Note-investigate the smell of the color brown…look at me being all sciency…hehe).

Anyway, yes, it’s a new week and we shall go ye forward unto the untested waters and…test…them(I totally saw that going in a different direction).┬áLet’s try that again(Clears throat) Let us proceed we band of strong-willed to subdue the treacheries of labor on yonder days(Aaaaah…Much better. Damn, I really should have picked narrator as my profession, I’m on fire…haha. Audience, do feel free to agree) Don’t worry, it’s this whole can-can attitude I’m trying out. It might wear of…eventually(Chuckles). In the meantime I think I’ll hold onto it just a bit longer. It really comes in handy when tackling that annoying MONDAY BLUES guy; gosh I hate him.

I mean just this week I had it all planned out, I was going to bum at home all day Monday, pick it all up again on Tuesday and summarize it on Wednesday before I reminisce on it Thursday, while sipping some iced lemon tea on the couch, and relax on Friday, you know, because I’ll be tired from all that relaxing. Then I would sleep it off and join humanity’s endless pursuit for ways to die young on Sunday night. But then I didn’t do that, and I had to go to work, and then run some errands, and tend to my pets, I mean, who came up with work anyway, it’s the lamest thing ever. Probably the same guy who invented Mondays and “the reward is in the work” quote; thanks a lot for ruining everybody’s life because you couldn’t chill out. (Wait, what am I talking about again? Oh, can-can attitude…got it…haha) So you see my predicament and the reason for my change of attitude; it is necessary.

Maybe I should catch up on some guitar lessons, I have been slacking back on my playing. I should actually try it out today. But after some fooling around of course. (And Que the random photos for no apparent reason whatsoever).


Man I love my brain. I should probably have it checked though, I think I’m using it wrong. Anyway, yeah, I purpose to do a lot of constructive things this week. I do not know them by now, and…why am I telling you this, I should be giving you hope for the new week or something like that.

Uhm…here we go, be kind and don’t spit, it’s disgusting, and that goes for you too, yes you, I see you scratching your butt.

Hahahaha…too much? Well CABBAGE…hahaha.

Come on, random humor is funny. Laugh a little. Or…not. Ahhh who cares, you be you and take this week by storm. No second best people, let’s give it all we got. Or just be a lazy bum, whatever floats your boat. Who cares if you end up dirt poor without food and living hand to mouth…EVERYONE…hehe.

So now that I have completely wasted your time and probably pissed off a number of you…always remember to maintain world peace.


(Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha…oh my gosh I need help…hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahhaa)


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    1. E says:

      Hehe…i was afraid of that. Let’s just hope that it ain’t contagious or anything. Thanks for reading though.

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