Today I’m in the mood to do some good old-fashioned soul-searching. I don’t know how often you do it, but I don’t think I do it as often as I should. How often should one soul search anyway? I don’t know, maybe twice a month or something, I should google this.

Anyway, I think I’m finally at the point in my life when things are about to tip over to another stage, you know, the stage that involves paying your own bills, doing your own laundry(Wait, I already do that…haha) oh, and picking out my own dishes. Why does growing up have to be so hard. I mean if our parents actually told us that we’d have to do all this we’d probably have started saving for early retirement or something instead of splurging on sweets. But then again I did have some good times with all those sweets…aaah childhood, how I miss you so.

If you think about it, being a kid is a really magical thing. Everything is bigger and better, new things are mysterious and exciting and everyday is an opportunity to just enjoy. There’s no worrying about being an individual, or creating a good impression or even holding in a fart, I mean life was great, admit it. Everything has this “LIVING IN THE MOMENT” feel and it makes you just throw yourself into the day and just live it.

Thinking about life now; everything is complicated. From relationships to picking out what to wear, to even figuring out what you’ll eat that won’t in the foreseeable future lead to some terminal illness that cuts your life short faster that you are able to figure out where it was heading in the first place. I think it’s the perspective, don’t you? We see things clearer and in more detail than we did, with a lot more information that we cannot “not know”, because you know, we already know so much. So I guess the real challenge is finding out how to retrace the child-like sight even amidst all the foresight that life and experiences have given us.

I personally don’t think that we cannot like in the moment. We sure can. We’ll just need to do that knowing that the moment will have its consequences yes, but we can live with them. To either treat yourself to that play at the theater, or an amazing 3D movie, have a road trip with a couple of friends, grill some meat in the backyard with family over drinks, I mean, it’s about you creating that moment and plunging in there without regrets. Hard, I know, but humor me.

We take risks every single day, or not, and we are always ready to be disappointed, or not, so what’s the harm in making that moment everything you would want it to be, and putting your best foot in, such that whether it is the best experience ever, or not, you’ll definitely not regret not having done everything you could to live fully in that particular moment.

So here’s to a lot more soul-searching and living in each moment.



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