Hi everyone. Now I’ve been wracking my brain endlessly about what I was going to write about in this post. Granted I’ve doing the whole procrastinating fiasco for a while now but let’s just say a little birdie set me straight last night; a pretty little birdie(Wink wink…hehe) So anyway, as I was thinking about what I was going to write about, I thought, what better way than to tell you all a good old-fashioned story.

Now I know it’s a bit cliché going on about one’s personal life, style, fashion and detailing things that go about everyday, like what I wear and what fitness trend I’m following at the moment, so take this as a refresher course on the whole writer point of view that I think best describes my blog.

Now to make this even more interesting, let me not confirm or deny whether this story is actually true, that way you can take whichever angle fits you and decide to make it your truth. I think that’s the best part about stories, they can be whatever we make of them.

So without further ado, Ladies and gentlemen; the story.

So there’s this girl I know. Really beautiful, long hair and big brown eyes. How do I know her? We go waaaaaay back. like to our childhood back. She’s actually was the first girl that I ever kissed, and yeah, it was very awkward…haha. I wish all these chic flicks would have come in a lot earlier in my life. They’d have probably taught me a few things about how to make these all important moments extra special.

Anyway, she was the one. The one you play PS with, talk into the fan with your robot voice and sacrifice the chicken skin for; yeah, it was that great for Cindy and I. (That’s her name by the way) Before things got all complicated and my best friend turned into this weird chic who was talking about holding hands and discussing moving in together. I mean really, how much more commitment can be made above the ten years we’ve known each other. Sorry, I’m drifting, where were we? Complicated…right.

Life made things complicated. I mean one day Cindy and I were modelling the latest fashion in “Mum’s wardrobe” over “Kalongo” and now we were talking about how I didn’t give her as much attention as that guy what’s his name…Tim or something did with his girlfriend, and at the back of my mind i’m like girl please, Tim’s the biggest “man w#@$e” i know(Can i say that in public…haha…mum i hope you ain’t reading this). But anyway, suddenly I need to be the perfect boyfriend in the world because there’s so many things i still need to learn that I’m not doing to satisfy her.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. I’m just alliterating to the fact that life was much simpler when all I had to worry about was sharing my pin pop with her, and trust me, that was hard enough. Now I have to think of dates, gifts, remember anniversaries, be more sentimental and show that I actually wanna make this relationship work.

God she’s beautiful, I mean wow! Her smile, the way she shyly bends down and tilts her head away and her hair just…wait I’m drifting again. Sorry, I was just…moment of weakness. We were talking about how things are completely different now. But it’s a good different. I mean there is absolutely no one else i would rather be with than her right now.

Actually just the other day I was reminding her of how we met. It was actually a really funny story. It was during one of my mum’s shindigs, she loves hosting, and she’d invited a couple of her lady friends over for a classy dinner. As usual I helped with the food and setting up(Begrudgingly I must add) but she did know how to pull together the best dinner table. Within the hour the guests were flowing in with their fancy dresses and trophy husbands, discussing their mundane weeks and politics as I believe happens over every Kenyan table. But that’s not so important, what is really important is the moment Cindy walked in with her mum.


That word right there describes everything. Like I literally just stood and stared…and when she caught my eye she smiled so genuinely I couldn’t help but stupidly forget to breathe for a couple of seconds(Like literally, if I’d have gone on I’d probably have landed face flat unconscious out of suffocation) But thankfully I snapped out of it. But no, that wasn’t the embarrassing part. Not yet at least.

Normally my mum loved to rub it in her friends faces the theatrical and artsy part of herself that were such a huge part of her that I swear she should have been in television. She would have my sister and I perform at dinner every so often to polish on our hereditary talents(Don’t ask). So the stage was ours.

Now usually, I wouldn’t be nervous because I’d done it so many times before, but you understand, Cindy was there, and I was a nervous wreck; and so was my shrill unbroken soprano. I swear I have never heard even our cat make such a sound apart from the time my older brother flung it by its tail and launched it from our bedroom window(Again, don’t ask). The song was “In the woods” and the moment felt like it lasted for hours. But they laughed, and so did she. I was momentarily mortified and swore to bury myself in the garden and never come out. But minutes later, it was the joke that got Cindy and I screaming in harmony at nine pm at the top of our lungs in the backyard after dessert.(By the way, very sorry to our neighbors, it was puppy love in the making…you understand, right?) And get this, she told me I had the bestest most amazingest voice she had heard…i mean how cute is that(Blushing).

So it makes everything worth it. The dates, the holding hands, enduring cooking shows…all worth it. But anyway, what do I know, i’m dating the same chic who used to smell her feet and use flower juice for lipstick (Come on…Don’t pretend you didn’t do it…haha) It’s gonna take a lot of getting used to, and luckily you’re gonna be hearing from me a lot more.

Anyway, I’ve got to rush…Cindy’s got this bright idea to go try outfits in the clothes department in our local supermarket and she wants to take selfies with me. If i don’t return, it was great knowing you all(Chuckles)



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