After quite a long time away from my computer I think my fingers had began losing their sense of purpose(chuckles)…so much so that I couldn’t wait to get back to it. So without further ado…story time.

So about a week ago, or more actually, Cindy decides that it would be a great idea for us to try out this whole vacation thing that every other couple needs to do at least once in their relationship. And granted, I do love traveling, so I was like why not, maybe we can hit two birds with one stone. You know, get away somewhere and just be by ourselves, and kind of reflect on where we want this relationship to go; that’s exactly what she was thinking of. Emphasis on she because at this point, I’m in it for the journey(Hehe…Don’t judge me)

Now bags were packed and bus tickets were booked. We’d been on a number of trips together in the past, but come to think of it, none was as special as this particular one. Why? Well because aside from it just being a time away with my girlfriend, it was also the first time we were actually going to be facing the age old “what is the next step” question(Gulp). It’s ok…(I told myself)…just relax and let’s see how this goes.

It was a night bus, modern coast oxygen of course; I always feel like a long journey deserves every bit of comfort. Plus the air conditioning wasn’t bad at all. Cindy always preferred doing long journeys at night, but I would have much preferred traveling during the day so that I could take in the scenery. Well…we all know who won that fight…haha. By around 10:30pm we had set off, and we had secured our seats next to the driver. It was onward to Mombasa for some sun, sand and love brewed in…well…a friendship pot.

I honestly don’t know how people can sleep in these night travel buses. It might be my paranoid ideology of the fact that I’m only comfortable when someone I know is behind the wheel, but anyway, staying up also gave me a chance to think about a few things. For one, the amazing girl leaning on my shoulder. You know it’s one thing to fall for someone you just met, but yet another entirely different scenario to see them both in their worst and best, have to share your 10 year birthday cake with them(oh yeah…we were both born march 1st 1993…I mean it’s like our lives were written into each other), even get so upset with each other that you don’t speak for what seems like eons, but then still adore that person so much more than you would ever think possible. She shifted in her sleep and caught me looking down at her.


“Nothing. Just thinking…”

“Pshhhhh…you’re always thinking. What crazy thing are you figuring out this time at…1:00am?”

“You…” I smiled.

She smiled.

“Awww…Good thoughts I hope.”

“Naah…I was remembering how bad that fart you made this morning was.”

She punched my stomach.

“Ouch!” I exclaimed.

“You’re really weird you know that.” She smiled again. Now even brighter, yet hiding that subtle embarrassment she felt every time I made fun of her.

She never thought I noticed, but she cared a lot about what I thought of her. Don’t get me wrong, she was strong and independent, but when it came to matters of the heart and especially me, I knew that she was all guards down. And that in a way scared me. It meant that she had given me her heart and I in a sense wore it on my sleeve; she had given herself completely to me.

I shrugged and turned away.

“Come on…don’t be such a baby.”

“Well it’s not my fault you hit like a boy.”

I went ahead to tickle her. She hated it because she couldn’t help herself bursting out in laughter.

“And it’s not mine that you take it like a girl.” She giggled and laughed, giving out that snort that was always so uncontrollably genuine.

“And miss piggy makes her debut.” I laughed.

“You’ll pay for that!” She pouted.

Even when she was mad I couldn’t help but find her incredibly breathtaking. Her big eyes, her cheeks, her dimples that peered through when she was trying to control herself from laughing even though she didn’t want to.

“I…love you.”

Wait! What? Where did that even come from? Stupid idiot…now you’ve ruined the entire trip. Look at how she’s looking at you with that blank face, I mean seriously…you couldn’t have even waited for the perfect romantic opportunity, you just had to blurt it out inside a night bus behind some sweaty driver…reeeeeally smooth Eli. Wait…she’s about to say something. Just…try and make it go away.

“Sorry…i uhm…i don’t know where that came from i just…uh…”

She giggled and stared dazed, softly brushing her palm down my cheek.

“I love you more sweets.”

I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Sweets? Is that like my nickname now…(She smiled) I was going more for babe…or my love…sounds more manly and…”

She interrupted me, giggling again. Still stroking my cheek.

“Shut up and kiss me.” She said giving that smile again.

I leaned in closer and kissed her, and for a moment the entire trip was summed up in an unexpected gesture, behind a sweaty driver, with taarab as our mood music. Who knew that my first kiss could be topped in the most unexpected of places. As we drew away from each other, there were no more words, no further exchanges. We held each others hands and she leaned back on my shoulder and i on my seat, and drifted off into a sleep that not even the biggest worry could wake us from. In that moment she had stopped my thinking and silenced my worry, and for all the night buses in the world, i was sure i could go and do anything for her. Because i loved her…and meat…i love meat too…alooooot(Not that this is relevant in any way…things were just getting too sappy for me…hahaha)

So until we arrive…goodnight and good…something…haha.



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