Man, do I love jazz. There’s just something about it that is very rich and sophisticated, yet mellow and soothing. The best description is the best climax you have ever had(Feel free to imagine), now take that feeling and multiply it by the sixth sense and imagine that being given to you slowly yet satisfactorily…each sound and each sensation linking within you to just…mmmmmh…make you feel so alive. Yeah, jazz is amazing. It’s also great for mood music. But you already know that right…hahaha…well you do now. Now about that story;

Right this moment I have to confess that I am yet to awaken to such an ambiance anywhere else as the one in Mombasa. The sound of palm leaves swaying in the wind, the cool breeze just before the humid hot air, and the fact that T’s house was a short distance away from the beach meant that at that particular moment when everything was in harmonic peace, you could hear the ocean’s waves beating and thrusting against the rocks, as if calling out to you. It was just amazing. Plus the air conditioning kept me from turning into a baked potato overnight so, I could say the morning was starting out very beautifully.

I decided to steal a morning walk around the compound(Yeah, it was big enough for me to take a leisure walk…but heeey, no biggie…when in coast, live as the coastarians, right? haha).

Now that there was light from the peeking sun, I could take in the full magnificence of the house, and I must say,it was absolutely breathtaking beyond expression. Manicured backyard, that was very spacious, a swing set that got me feeling all romantic with all the prospects of sitting under the stars and chatting with Cindy. Well maybe staying over wasn’t such a bad idea. I mean if I could stand T for another couple of days, I could even save up some money and get my girlfriend something special(Gosh…it was weird calling her that…but a good weird I guess).

For breakfast T had her maid prepare for us this grand three course meal with oatmeal (Which is even more disgusting than I thought), cereal and my favorite part, all the bacon, sausages and eggs that I could eat. I mean if I didn’t know better I’d say that T was the best person in the world right now.

“Eli, come on, you’re plump as it is, do you really want to have that many sausages? High cholesterol leads to early deaths you know…eat in moderation, they’re not going anywhere.”

Well, up until she said that I was actually starting to like her. But anyway, I was pumped for the beach and not even she was going to burst my bubble. She was going to be busy the whole day but she had her cab guy booked to chauffeur us around(Not for anything but to make sure I didn’t try anything funny with her sister). Now that hurt; I believe I’m a decent guy, well decent enough(Chuckles) I am…stop laughing. And I was going to prove it. I was not going to give the assigned “bodyguard” any reason to doubt me. I would be the best good boy that there was.

Now having a car at our disposal meant that we could in every way hop in and out of hotels to our hearts contentment, and we sure did. We probably got chased out of a number of them because we were obviously looking jobless and taking selfies everywhere, but it was worth it. I even got to try out some tiramisu at the Voyager. (Perks of T and her connections). Nothing could have gone wrong at this point. Or so I thought.

Now I wouldn’t call myself a jealous boyfriend, because, you know, even if I was I wouldn’t admit it. But it is pretty hard to walk around with a beautiful woman on the beach in a bikini and not expect a lot of unwanted attention, which I must say, was very unnecessary, I mean really, it was like chasing away a flock of pigeons after pouring a bag of maize; “useless”. Actually, there was this guy; really pissed me off. He came over and asked if he could show her how a real man does it better than these beach boys.

Granted I could have done the whole count to ten thing and walk away and s#@t like that, but I was smarter than that. Yeeeeah, you know it! I gave him the stink eye(Imitates stink eye) What? Well you’d have done the same if you saw the guy, he was huge, and I bruise easily. Plus anyway, I couldn’t fight in front of a lady, it was rude(That’s my story and I’m sticking with it…haha)

Eventually we did get some time alone after stopping over at the beach just in front of Mombasa beach hotel. It was less crowded at that time and now that the sun was setting, I thought that it was a good time to sit and have some “we” time. Plus anyway, the driver got into the hotel for a drink, and since I had been a perfect gentleman all through, he was convinced he’d put the fear of the Lord in me(I told you I’d be a good boy)

I got some “madafus” for the two of us to sip as we talked, and a sweet spot on the wall that overlooked the endless stretch of water, as well as allowing me to see right to where our babysitter was. After some time though, I forgot about the guy because I was too engrossed in the stories Cindy was giving me about all the suspicion and mystery surrounding the ocean and creepy things that happened in coast(You’ve all heard the ghostly stories). Then we realized that we were wasting time sitting when there was a beach right in front of us, so we ran into the water and splashed around like toddlers(Like literally splashing and tapping the water…hahaha…gosh, I love that I have someone who’s crazy enough to join me in my crazy and make it look normal)

It was now getting late so we decided to head into the confines of the hotel (Just in case any of the stories were real you know…we didn’t want to be carried off by some sea monsters or something weird like that) But I did make sure that we got a seat right next to the boundary wall in order to be able to look out into the ocean, get that breeze and also see the stars(Am I thoughtful or what…wink wink)

“Are you cold?” I asked.

“Yes! And for the first time that’s a good thing.”

We laughed.

This was my chance to make the first move so that we could talk about what I knew we eventually had to confront. I reached over from over the table and took hold of her hand. She looked up at me, her hair blowing from side to side thanks to the cool breeze. then there was her loose top that draped down exposing one of her shoulders and down to her…(Focus dude…you’re talking about your feelings here or something…right)

“I’m really glad you came with me.”

“Why, was there someone else you’d have come with had I not?”

“Hardly. You’re the only woman I’m gonna be taking a night bus and humidity for.”

She smiled and tilted her head shyly. For a moment I forgot what I was talking about. Had she always had that top, it really looked amazing on her and I know we were both just from the beach but she was glowing like she’d just jumped out of the shower or something. and that hair, that thick black…(Wait is she saying something)


“Yeah…yeah baby.”

“Are you here? You seem to be elsewhere.”

“Oh…yeah, I’m here. It’s just, uhm…drinks, we should get drinks…waiter,”I signaled for someone to come.

“Eli…relax. You seem tense.”

“Who me? Tense? Never.”

I was extremely tense, I just couldn’t say it. We ordered our drinks and were alone once more.

“Maybe I put way too much pressure on one trip. Here…” She sat up and pulled me closer by my shirt. I knew it was coming.

“What about your bodyguard guy?”

“Let him watch, he’ll have something good to think about tonight.” She kissed me, I kissed her back. It was incredible, as if everything stopped and calmed down. I was back to earth. Then she pulled away right when the drinks came. I was still recovering from the kiss.

“Thank you.” She motioned to the waiter as she took her Smirnoff.

“So is this how you’re going to keep teasing me the whole week?”

She giggled and poured her drink into the wine glass next to her.

“Me? Teasing? Noooo…” She said as she picked her glass up and sipped the bubbly drink. She was very good at whatever this was that she was doing.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?”

“Sweets, I’m in coast with my boyfriend, of course I’m enjoying this.” She giggled and sipped some more.

“So does this mean that…you know…we’re considering…moving to the next level?”

“If you mean will I have sex with you then no dear…we still have a lot to work through. ”

I was sure I heard my expectations explode and die. Then I felt her leg touch mine. She definitely had my attention.

“But I do want to know what you want.”

Right there and then it hit me. She was testing me. And I was failing miserably. I had to up my game. I withdrew my foot and hands and poured my tusker into my beer glass.

“Very clever Cindy. But you have to do better.”

She smiled and sipped hers as she looked straight into my eyes. It was a strong somewhat cold unwavering yet commanding glare. Kind of scary actually.

“Tell me about Kim.”

I choked a bit at my drink. I was also hoping that I had heard wrong.


“Really…you’re going to pretend like I don’t know you two hooked up?”

And with that I took a huge gulp of the entire glass and started wishing that our bodyguard would have a change of heart and whisk me away for the scoundrel that I was. (Gulp)

Psssst…my battery is dying, I have to go…hehe…So until next time, enjoy your jazz and be faithful.



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