Photo courtesy of @2014 Awesome Decor Home Design

Hi everyone,

So yes, we are at that time of year yet again when binge buying is entertained and calls to distant relatives we would ordinarily not be talking to are condoned and slightly relished…Yes…Christmas.

It is almost here and indeed even the air seems to have embraced the festivity and attained some sort of minty yet candy flavored aftertaste that all of us do not seem at all bothered with because the holidays bring with them a special gift for each and everyone of us.

Be it a chance to be off work and put our feet up, and choosing to be induced by the immobile laziness that is certainly entertained by the cold that this time of year comes with, or the excuse to play Christmas carols at full volume until it drives the neighbors crazy, we all have our piece of joy from it.

I personally relish the idea of a glorious Christmas service- We cannot after all forget the main reason for the season, which is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Then there is also the follow up “eat till you drop” Christmas brunch in preparation for the hefty yet satisfying and often very long awaited dinner that when served leaves you clearing the plate in such a haste that the antacids in the cupboard come in very handy. Then of course there’s caroling until the wee hours of the night with a number of going off tune around those intimidating high keys, and then laughing about it over a fire as we reminisce the yesteryear.

Yes, the holidays are indeed a very glorious time for each and everyone of us, and counting down the days to Christmas and especially to the innate ambiance and joy that this time brings to most of us is even more fun.

Though i hope like me, we shall in the spirit of Christmas, lend our hearts not only to remember the true essence of the season, but likewise to harbor within ourselves a true expectancy to have the true meaning of the birth of Christ espoused with our new year’s resolution that i’m sure a majority of us will be scribbling down very soon.

Happy Holidays to you all.


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