There is a certain type of healing that we always get whenever we listen to that perfect harmony, or those chord progressions that seem to subtly lift us off the ground and into this sublime and wondrous place where everything stands still and we remain at the mercy of the melody that has now taken over. Even more is sinking in the glorious tunes of sweet peaceful gospel music that always has the effect of bringing you to the feet of God and allowing you the chance to reflect over all that you’ve been going through and simultaneously silencing everything…something short of supernatural i would say.

Being a music lover myself, i understand more than anything the power that music has over not only our emotions and feelings, but even more over our situations. One hour of drowning in the harmonic tunes of encouraging uplifting worship for instance always brings you to a point of not only reflection but likewise an almost surreal repentance of even the slightest instigators of guilt, to simply allow you that moment with your maker…a chance to be right not only with him, but at peace within yourself.

Going a little too deep for you? Well i had one such album playing all through this segment so you really can’t blame me…haha. The Gardiner sisters’ Nearer to thee’ EP which actually got me thinking about getting nearer to Christ. The simplicity that their song list brings is divinely comforting, lifting up that young child in you that remembers being dragged off to church on Sunday and not really being willing to because it meant long hours spent listening to an old man talk about a bunch of things you didn’t understand. But as a young man having passed through all the formalities and on and on of church, you come to realize that the simplistic truth of it all is the desire for one to be nearer to this person who silences every other thing and raises you up in this calming and peaceful state where all that matters is him.

What does all of this have to do with you? Well everything. A little time away from the hustle of everyday reminds us that life may be fast, but it can also be equally peaceful as well as relaxing,only if we take time to get nearer to the thing that can actually effect this same peace within us. 

Check it out…it’s amazing.


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