Good afternoon beautiful people, it’s a wonderful day isn’t it. I would definitely say that today is a very good day. One of those days when everything is just going my way and i am definitely not complaining…not at all. Actually, this whole week has been full of a lot of things that really excited me (above the already amazing thing that is my special lady who if she’s reading this should know that she’s totally awesome…shout out…haha) and got the juices flowing just right.

For starters, this guy right here discovered that deep inside (well not so deep, maybe like half an inch inward, give or take a few) i’m actually the biggest, dorkiest, MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game)¬†gamer and i didn’t even know it, i mean what’s up with that right? And let me just tell you once you’ve tasted of that delicious nectarine goodness that is online gaming, my friend, there is no turning back, ever, so let me just warn you just in case you were maybe thinking about going there…(Weird futuristic sciency eerie background music)…i see a lot of laziness in your near future.

But don’t worry, it’s all worth it when you’re slaying all of those freakishly strong yet interestingly satisfactory digital ghoulish and monstrous creations of super freaking awesome geniuses to whom i owe all my wasted hours in front of the screen (I don’t know whether to kiss you or slap you all for that…but i’ll go for kissing if i can get free level ups and an upgraded armour…just tell me…anything…i’ll do it…haha-drifting off here *clears throat*) , thank you all so much. So much so that i’m trying to figure out how i’m gonna be checking into a wi-fi hotspot every now and then to let off some steam.The game is…uhm…dungeon hunter 5 for all those gamers like myself out there who may not know about it (if that is even possible…haha) , just make sure you check it out.

The other thing…oh yeah…getting ahead on my guitar lessons. Now i’ve got to be honest, see it looks really cool when all these guys are playing their chord progressions and you go like pshhhh…i can do that, right? Wrong…very very wrong, just never ever lie to yourself from this day onward ever again that it is in any way easy because it’s not. I mean i had my fingers contorted into positions that no fingers should be (Or it could just be that i have really lazy left handed fingers…hmmmmm) , it was really something. But the rewards are definitely grand and very satisfactory. Watch this pace, you could say you knew me before i was all rich and famous or something like that. (Or it could all go wrong and you’ll be laughing at me in the posts section…either way…guitar rules!!!!! *strums G power chord hardcore*)

And finally, the cherry to top it all, because all of you might have noticed by this time that i just looooove music. (And in case you didn’t, the number of o’s should tell it all) I stumbled upon this one song that really talks about this one thing we all face at one stage or the other…some more than others.



Not the flying fluttery creature that some of you are freaked out by…relax…haha, the lovey dovey kind that makes you feel like you’re gonna throw up when you see you crush approaching. (Or it could have been that i ate too much fries that day and i was feeling all bloated…i don’t know) We’ve all faced it at some point or the other and to have it in form of song and such lovely tunes at that was the highlight of it all. I wanna dedicate it to my special lady and to all of you closeted and freely open butterfly-fied people who totally relate to that feeling.

Before i sign out though, remember to always grab at your opportunities each and everyday to do what you love to do. You may be stuck where you don’t wanna be, but that doesn’t mean that you have to let the big people win (whoever they are…haha). Take that free time to draw, sing, dance, play, swim, eat, sleep, craft, compose…whatever it is that gets you all tingling, and trust me, that’s the first step to getting to where you want to end up faster, plus admit it, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

So until next time, keep being beautiful old you and gorgeous-ify the socks off of this world. (Sorry about that…It sounded cleverer in my head…haha)



For those interested in sampling the song…you know you want to…the link is below:




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