Mmmmh…that Jazz

Hi there all of you beautiful people with your beautiful eyes and your beautiful fingers, scrolling, expecting and perusing. There is truly no better view than that of a pair of eyes glued to a piece of text and the things that go through the mind at that moment can only be best described by that good old magic we like to call jazz. Smooth yet raw, light yet hard hitting, and the bass…mmmmmh…yes the bass. It’s divine, you know it i know it, so how about we sink ourselves into some jazz and get out our reading glasses, because the jazz train is taking us all on a ride to sweet caleidoscopic epicness.

For all of you jazz lovers out there, i’m hooked up to canadian radio 91.1, Jazz FM, do feel free to grab your cup of coffee and snuggle into your warmest jammies, for those of us feeling the cold in Nairobi, you know what i mean, and let’s ride on together.

So i know, I’ve been away for quite some time. No good reason really, sometimes i stare at my computer, and my computer stares back at me, and we just can’t find that old spark again. My bad i guess because when you spend too much time on your phone and less time exercising that beautiful brain of yours, that good old creative juice tends to curdle up on you like month old milk, yes, absolutely awful.But we’re thankful for great music in such times as these to just soar into that place where all that good stuff is getting pumped back to life. Plus with the cold, i guess we tend to revert back to our primitive states of extreme laziness and desperation for all things hot and creamy. I don’t blame you, i’d be chugging down a huge mug of that creamy milky goodness if i wasn’t laboring in love for all of you…now that my dear friend is special, you’re special…yes you…haha…so don’t say nobody did anything selfless for you.

I don’t know what you’ve been up to yourself. As for me, a couple of cute and lovable babies have been keeping this ageing uncle busy for the past few weeks, and apart from their exhausting lovable selves (Y’all know what i mean…haha), you just don’t have anything left in you to even catch up on your series’ and this can really get a person seriously depressed. A shout out to all the mothers though, this clearly doesn’t point to you because you’re always beautiful and they obviously don’t understand that those aren’t crazy eyes, it’s the perfection of concentration with a hint of “If i close my eyes for even one second…BOOM…the apocalypse” Hahaha, so bravo to y’all…that goes to you too big sis.

Apart from that I’ve also realized why we tend to build weight in the cold season. Now i’m addressing the pudgy little liar in all of our heads, yes you know them, waddling in just when you’d started working on that summer body like “Summer’s in a year, you have plenty of time to shed it all off.” Liiiiiiiiiies!!!! Slap that little bugger and get back on that treadmill. Your body will definitely cry, scream and collapse as a last minute attempt at distracting you from it’s lazy @#$ self, but like all babies, will get right back up when it realizes you ain’t paying attention to it. So start hating those love handles again my lovelies, and let’s get back on track, alright? Hahaha…you don’t have to answer, your face says it all.

So in a nutshell, just like good old jazz, let’s keep that good old randomness flaring in us, jumping in here and there to bass it up, but not too loud to deafen the percussion, and smooth enough to make you want to keep going and never stop, and then mellow out with a wavy fade of sheer satisfaction.

Or you could just get a louder alarm and less pizza…haha. Either way, keep it jazzy, keep it pumping, keep it soul…mmmmh.

See you all a little later Poncho Sanchez’s One Mint Julep is calling and my bobbing head just answered…haha. Ciao.

Feel free to enjoy the tunes though…





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