Good morning my lovelies and welcome to the new and revamped Dimples-Dot-cOm page. I know, it’s nice you don’t have to say it…haha. But seriously, it’s been quite a while since my last post and it was about time for change to burst through the seams and slap some color back into this dull tapestry, and what better way than through the thing that binds us all together, food.

Now i’m not just talking about your regular run of the mill food, i’m referring to that well seasoned, take a moment to absorb the aroma, whole body tingling experience that makes you want to just marry that plate and move to a private island somewhere where you can spend the rest of your days in delicious indulgence. Too much? Well then you’re not living until you’ve gotten that extra special moment with that extra special piece of fried chicken and you bite into it and it’s just…mmmmmh…sorry, i digress *clears throat* where were we *takes a glass of water to cool off*

It might not even be the main course that gets you off *no pun intended* , but that creamy goodness of a moist crumbly piece of red velvet cake and whipped cream, or good old cookies and cream ice cream, it might even be from that tin of cookies mum keeps away and never allows you to touch until the new year when it’s opened for a brisk few second for you to inhale it’s sweet scents and then locked back up in the shelf till next year…haha. I’m talking about indulging in those foods that bring comfort in a way that nothing else can. Let’s face it, comfort food and to be more specific, junk food is the most revolutionary gift that the 21st century has given us. Easy to get, fills you up fast and impresses effortlessly *wink wink*. But as all sinfully good things go, it is definitely not without it’s hang ups.

I’m talking acne, fatigue, indigestion and general super unfitness. I know you can argue it out and say that you’re able to control just how much of it you take, and on a good day, it happens. That’s of course before the pizza arrives and they break out the chicken wings and soda that the very foundations of our self control are tested. By the way, cheers to those of you who have fought the good fight and won the war, rubbing your perfect abs and biceps in our unfit faces as you jog around in your color coded sweat pants. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed , but whenever they pass by you, there’s always this spring in their jog and ye old condescending ‘i’m better than you’ look. Man i hate that look. Mostly because they’re right. Not that i would willingly admit it to anyone’s face because i am perfectly OK just as i am *grabs a cupcake to console myself*.

But they’re fit,stronger, agile and less groggy in the morning. Granted, they do have their cheat days and bad days as well, but they definitely pay off in the end. So as always where inspiration finds me, i decided it was about time to try it out. So i syked myself up with my green smoothies and even got myself a workout app to get me motivated, and believe me you, it was tough. The will to not have that extra piece of cake, sore mornings, painful stretching and don’t get me started on the sweating from places i never even knew could sweat. But, i was determined. No one was gonna be giving me no stink eye for looking all grumpy as i drudged over to the shop in the morning to buy my breakfast. I was going to be the one giving the stink eyes from now on *mwahahahahahahaha*

It was hard to do so for so long though especially when you were nursing a stitch, breathlessness,burning thighs and the slowly rising will to drop down in defeat, pushing yourself onward with the good old motivation that ‘sweat is just fat crying, so make it cry and suck it up’. Boy do i hate that hard truth positive thinking guy in me. I’d like to get him out here and make him sweat for a change, see whether he’d be as peachy as he always is.

After a couple of months though, in the routine and having slacked off quite a bit, i must say it’s not as bad as it used to be. I still love my fast food, but from a distance and especially so when i’m approaching ‘AB day’. Mixing pizza night and crunches…not a good idea at all. The best however has to be the need to get into the kitchen and cook. It sucks when you’d rather get some fries to go or order in some pizza on terrific Tuesday, but it meant that i had to get creative.

Beans, peas, veggies, eggs, meats, i had to look for ways to bring my appetite for good food and translate it into something that i can do at home, quick and easy and still have that good old taste bud tantalized to a crisp. Learning to combine foods that wouldn’t ordinarily go together like Ugali and peas or green grams, or salad with sukuma and cabbage. And yes, it took a lot of getting used to, but i must admit, it was fun. Being in control of your spices and your quantities, because i mean, i don’t know about you but i ain’t about paying one hundred shillings for a packet of fries that’s like one 200ml cup portion just because i have to eat out when i can buy my own potatoes, invest in a bit of a back ache peeling them, and standing over the pan, but in the end, satisfy my cravings as well as stuff my face until i successfully bring another food baby into this world.

So what am i trying to say with all of this rambling. Well, as good as it may be to remain where we are because we’ve gotten so used to how it feels and especially how comfortable it is, a good change never hurt anybody. It will hurt and i mean that in every literal sense for like the first couple of weeks, and the food will be bland and terrible before you get the hang of it, but that’s the whole point. It’s not about getting the abs ‘he’ has or the figure that ‘she’ has, but realizing that easy doesn’t last. For anything good to come out of your life, you have to wake up and strive to be better than you were yesterday. Your better might be someone else’s terrible, but what makes you better than them is that you’re doing something at your worst as they sit judging you at their best, and one day, they’ll be looking at your best and be challenged to get off their bum and do their best as well.

Therefore, here’s to leaving all that junk behind us, literal and figurative, learning new things among them, cooking *This goes to men out there…you might not like it but you’ll definitely score major points if you can. Just saying* , learning from the mistakes that we have made and may continue to make as we go along finding what works for us, being fearless about taking bold steps and as always having a whole lot of fun in the process because let’s face it, it’s going to take some getting used to, so finding the silver lining and sticking with it will be very very very important….haha.

Until next time my lovelies, learn from your mistakes, nurse those food babies and remember, life is too short, so always eat the meat first…haha.




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