Cover shoot photo of Pentatonix courtesy of Billboard.com

Good evening my lovelies. I know, i know, today’s post is coming in a bit late, but it’s for a good cause, i promise. Been working on a little something for you guys in the background here, so keep your fingers crossed. I won’t let anything out but it has something to do with a NEW YOU-TUBE CHANNEL!!! Oops…did i say that out loud…hahaha. Well now that it’s out there anyway…haha…stick around because i have a lot of fun and new stuff to share with all of you out there. Yeah you, i see you, and appreciate your beautiful eyes going through all my babbling in here. Cheers to you! And, to today’s post, PENTATONIX!!!!!!!

Now i know it’s been about four months or so since Avi announced that he was leaving Pentatonix to the hue and cry of a lot of us. I feel you. I was personally mourning the announcement, thinking about how they were going to need to replace him and go on without him, it’s quite a change. I personally hate change; loathe it with a vehemence ( Hehe…i knew i would get to use that word one of these days *Happy dance*), and i’m sure so do a couple of you. You know i’m right, don’t sit there and pretend like you all welcome every new thing with open arms. It always takes a willful choice and being okay with a bit of discomfort. But to be honest, these guys have definitely changed my mind on the whole idea of change. How? Let me explain.

I remember the very first time i met PENTATONIX. It was magic, our eyes locked, birds were singing; the rainbow blooming in the horizon; it was love at first sight. What? It happened…sort of…in my head. *laughs nervously* Well…you…details don’t matter. If you saw ‘Carol of the bells’ then you know what i mean…haha. They were amazing, each cover better than the last. Then they showed us that they could write original songs as well and arrange them even better than their covers. I mean, they literally revolutionized the world of music and won their way into our hearts with crisp clear harmonies, unbelievably amazing beat-boxing, Mitch’s other worldly vocal range and mmmmmmmh…that sweet…sweet bass. *Tries imitating Avi’s lowest note on ‘Dance of the sugarplum fairy but fails miserably* I wanna be just like all of you when i grow up. Well not like all of you at once because that’ll be weird…right?…is that possible though…haha, anyway, i digress. Their talent and execution was always flawless from the start, the best thing being how they all complemented each other wonderfully. Together they were a Grammy winning force. Until recently though, i realized that they each have such an amazing unique element to give. It’s not just enough to have it in only one package, you’ve got to just let your creativity explode through all other avenues.

This is where my resistance to change was challenged. I didn’t think they could do it without Avi, for one. I was wrong. They came at us with ‘Dancing on my own like a boss’, slaying as always while Kevin filled the bass line on his cello, beat-boxing at the same time; man…that guy is talented from here to the moon i tell you. I can barely watch telly and eat at the same time without losing concentration on one. But it just goes to show you how each one of them has so much to give that restricting it to just A Capella would do an injustice to their art and creativity.

Now i know some of you would argue and say ‘Oh…what are you trying to say? They’re the best A Capella group alive, they’re so awesome, they shouldn’t stop doing a Capella.’ And i’d agree, but, every coin has two sides, three if you’re an optimist. They showed us things we hadn’t known about A Capella before and i guess it’s time for them to go ahead and do the exact same thing on the other spectrum.

They’ve certainly got my vote on creativity and style from their new EPs. I’ll be sure to leave a link below to direct you who are still hesitant to embrace this new change. It will be painful, and you may have said that i shall never love any other genre they attempt quite the way i have loved their A Capella magic. But trust me, the initial step though painful, erupts in utmost satisfaction when you see what these five individuals cook up in their closets to give out to the world.

I could talk a whole lot more about them, but it would definitely not be saying anything more than what you yourself have experienced from taking this journey with them. Whether online and alongside their much anticipated uploads, or screaming yourself hoarse from meeting them up close or out in the crowd at one of their concerts. It’s definitely a new journey for all of them, not just Avi, and i believe that as always they will listen, imagine, create, edit, perform and do it all over again until the next stage of their life says OK, enough is enough. But then again, what do i know, i just want to see more PENTATONIX musical genius up in this place *woop woop* Haha.

So in conclusion, i would like us to raise a glass to Avi; It will never be the same without you. To PENTATONIX; it will be better than the last time, just like all your music has always been. To SUPERFRUIT, Scomiche, Kirstin, Kevin and Avi. May the A Cafever never end, may your creativity continue to launch more awesomely creative and colorful videos, and behind all the good music that you make, tell your story of the group that dreamed an impossible dream and sparked a worldwide renewed hope in the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

From one PTX fan to another, ‘thanks guys…we love you…and…*in as much bass as i can muster* don’t forget to subscribe’

Oh and;

Make sure to check out these channels for more amazing stuff from these amazing people;







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