Good morning all you beautiful people with your beautiful eyes. I see you. Welcome back to #smilenation, I’m your host Eli, and this is DIMPLES-DOT-COM.

If you’re new here and wondering what we’ve been up to thus far, don’t you worry, I got you. We kicked off this Monday with our series: UNLEASH THE INNER CREATIVE, where we seek to unlock the things we are most passionate about and that spark the creativity in us.

Day one started us off with making goals towards achieving success at unlocking our creativity. Day two saw us evaluating and assessing what questions we need to ask ourselves in order to get there. Today will be even more exciting because after all the theory, we get to put things to action. So now that you’re caught up, let us indulge ourselves in today’s series and GET OURSELVES OUT THERE!

We have had the opportunity to construct our 3 goals and audit our craft. The truth is however that no matter how clear your vision of the future is, or how well you’ve perfected you craft, none of that matters if people can’t get to experience what you have to offer.

Today’s task therefore is to make sure that you have an online presence on as many social networks as possible.

Why? Well it’s a well-known fact that people will not care how much you know until they know how much you care. You may have a lot to share, but at the end of the day do you care about whom you share it with enough to know if they actually like it. Do you even know what they like?

We live in a time when a lot of our lives are defined by the followers we have online, but the truth of the matter is that most of us don’t even know who follows us. We just see the likes and are happy with that. That may have worked in the past, but for us to get past our stalemate; we have to go past the likes.

How many times have you actually scrolled though your timeline and paused to interact with your followers’ posts? If your answer is not a lot, don’t worry, there’s no shame here. We are learning from our mistakes.

Take time today to actually go through their content. Like and leave thoughtful considerate comments, especially on the posts with the least likes. Believe it or not, the follower who sees you interact with their content will be more likely to rush to see what you’ve posted next time. This is because they feel more of a connection with you now that you reached out to them.

As you work on your online presence also, let people know clearly what you like in your interests and about section. This will attract more people with shared interests and will be a great conversation starter when interacting with new followers.

People are also always on their phones. Whether it is on the train, bus, car, school, home, work, in line or right before bed, they’ll be holding it. This means that you can reach them anywhere and at any time. Use this to your advantage. Every time you post something involving your craft, ensure that it is of the highest quality and captivating.

Post clear well lit photos; grammatically spell checked text, crisp clear audio and stable high definition video. Consistently high quality work across all of your media platforms will have a great impression on your followers. They will always know to expect the best and keep coming back for more

If you’re thinking of developing your craft to the next level and start your business or launch your brand, even better. This is your opportunity to start working on creating your blog or website specifically dedicated to your craft. This will allow people to interact with your photos, text, video or audio on a regular basis.

Make sure the content you post is consistent in quality and quantity. Instead of exhausting short large bouts of inspiration, take your content, divide it and conquer. Have samples of your work each day or each week so that you keep your followers coming back. Taking time to create, edit and sample something good bit by bit will always pay off as compared to waiting for inspiration to come while doing nothing.

Most important of all though, have fun. Enjoying what you do is contagious. If you have fun creating it, then chances are that your followers will enjoy interacting with your content. People are also very observant and if they pick up on how much you enjoy it, they will keep coming back to see what is new. Such a consistent audience will also motivate you to always keep creating.

In a nutshell therefore my good people don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and share what you have with the world. Your work may be a source of inspiration, joy or motivation for someone out there. It will also make the journey a lot more real knowing that you have an actual following for your craft, no matter how small. So get out there, get to interacting, and have fun creating as always.

Until next time though, stay safe, keep smiling and make those wildest dreams your wildest reality.




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