Hi you. Yes, you. I hope you’re having a great week so far. I’m having a phenomenal one myself…well, phenomenal enough. Why? Have a seat here and let me explain it to you. You see I’ve noticed there’s this really bad habit that has been creeping up on us out here in Nairobi. Mmhmmm…and you know what it is? It’s antisocial behavior.

Yep, we have neighbors who’ve lived next to each other for close to 10 years that have never said hi to one another. They’d rather contend with exchanging blank looks and awkward silence every time they happen to meet as they enter the house. Now I know that some may argue and say that it’s normal. That there are just some neighbors who are best left unknown. But let me share a little secret with you, ok?

As a creative, you definitely do not want to adopt this habit. The more inviting, approachable and engaging you are with your visitors and followers is the more your audience will grow. This is especially important to remember when dealing with strangers.

Remember you want as many people as possible to actually come and sample your work. It is rewarding in itself to see your content appreciated and will go a long way in promoting your brand. Even more rewarding however is the process of making new connections. It is uncomfortable and sometimes a bit awkward yes, but you’ll love yourself for doing it later, trust me.

That’s why today’s task is to visit three blogs or pages in your chosen social media platform from Day 6 and leave a comment on each one.

In the spirit of breaking that bad habit we talked about up there; feel free to go beyond the usual ‘Nice’ and ‘Good job’ in your comments. Actually notice the details in their post that have gone unseen but that must have possibly taken quite a lot of work to execute and applaud them for it.

For example;

“Good work on the lighting in your video/photo, it captures you very well. How do you do it?”


“I really admire your attention to detail and space which really brings out amazing photos. It’s always such a hustle for me. I would love it if you shared your tips on how to find the perfect balance.”

A thoughtful inquisitive comment will always leave an impression and that’s what you want. You want them to remember you and be won over by your charm in order to take an interest in you. Call it ‘post flirting’. Get their attention and they’ll come back to find out more about the interesting stranger in the comments section.

But by all means, be genuine. No one likes an out of touch compliment. If you don’t mean it then it’s best not to say it. People notice and they’ll always remember, so make sure they remember only the good stuff about you.

For today therefore, go out and say hi to your neighbors. After all, in entertaining strangers, many have met the one person that made the biggest impact in their lives, all beginning from a simple hello.

From us however, do remember to stay safe, wear that smile and keep striving to make those wildest dreams your wildest reality.


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