Cold or warm, spicy or sweet, some will enjoy it and some won’t.

Who can blame them though, what with the combination of raw eggs, milk, cream and sugar as well as the occasional alcohol to give it a punch? In most cases you end up either hating it or loving it.

There is something very interesting about Eggnog however. As unorthodox as it may seem to some to mix all of these ingredients together, we all actually have little to no problem consuming them on their own.

I mean, milk, cream, sugar, brandy, rum, bourbon, cinnamon, nutmeg, among other ingredients and flavors used are enjoyed widely on their own, right?

The problem however comes when you need to ask someone to combine all these different interesting flavors together and chug it all down.

Notice, I’m not saying that Eggnog is disgusting, not at all. I’m just saying that some will love it and some won’t, it’s absolutely normal.

Life is made of people who choose to have Eggnog and those who choose to have the ingredients separate and on their own.

 That’s what this new weekly segment will be all about; those who wish to be wholly ministered to by sound scripture and pushed into the week with some enlightenment and admonition in their continued walk with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Let’s call them the Eggnogers. Sounds hardcore right? Haha.

 It is also for those who are skeptical, on the fence and straight up unbelieving of the Christian faith, Scripture/The Bible and this Jesus Christ that we believe in.

We can call these guys the Cream and Sugar; Sweet, separated but no less rich and delicious.

 I mean, just because you don’t like eggnog doesn’t mean you can’t stick around and enjoy your cream and sugar on the side right?

So please do. Feel free to take what I give, interact with it, question it and retain the good stuff. It’s free and it packs a punch…Haha.

That’s the one thing I loved about the concept of Eggnog. It did pack quite a punch.

Calories to the tune of about 400 per cup serving, and not to mention all the alcohol involved, and I’m talking about the original Eggnog, none of this present day watered down store bought stuff; the original good stuff.

It needed to be consumed in small quantities, sometimes chilled or warmed up, but it served you the punch you needed as well as that good old Christmas spirit.

Feel free to connect the Euphemism in my words…it’s there, I just didn’t want you to miss it…Hehe.




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