#DAY 6

Products, Moisturizing, Sealing and Washing


When it comes to moisturizing there is no compromise. To be noted therefore, there is no better moisturizer than water.

 It’s free and it does the job better than any other product out there so use it. It keeps skin and hair elastic and malleable, preventing cracking and breakage, so take your water, splash some on and seal, seal, seal. The body and hair will take in the moisture that is necessary for it, and your oil will do the job of keeping that moisture around for as long as possible for that shiny full of life glow.

Not too much oil though because the skin still needs to breathe, keep growing hair and sweat those toxins out.

After the sealant has done it’s job, it’s now time to wash it off together with the dirt, and leave room to do it over a clean surface. Cleansing is therefore important.

Don’t mind what they say about stripping and all of that hullabaloo. The skin is tailor made to deal with moisturizing whatever comes out of it, and if it doesn’t then that’s why you have a routine in place, to remember to reapply what you’ve taken off.  First and foremost however, everything that was there before has to all COME OFF COMPLETELY so that the scalp can BREATHE and you have a CLEAN scalp, skin and hair to moisturize and seal.

Cleansing and letting go doesn’t mean ‘neglecting’ so take care of that skin and hair, especially in those protective styles.


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