Cutting Board

A portable board on which food can be cut


On this end I can see the meat is nice and ready so we can just go ahead and cut up some onions, tomatoes, fresh coriander and bell peppers, or are they green chilies. I honestly am not sure what the difference is between the two. Let me research and get back to you on that one. But anyway, a cutting board makes this process very easy.

I find it so much easier to slice through the meat on it instead of ruining the counter top with slice marks. A piece of advice though, you might want to get yourself an inexpensive plastic cutting board. I noticed that over time they change color and can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so changing them keeps you healthy. A year or less could work; two if you’re a bachelor, but yeah, don’t keep it for too long. The plastic ones however are easier to clean and store and don’t get moldy like the wooden ones.

Now where were we, oh yes, holding the camera. So I’m there staring down at the thing as she dishes out the instructions, barely catching the details as she moves along.

“Look through here…*something important*…press this…*technical talk* *wow…her hair looks really shiny under this light* *Wait, is she still talking?*…you got it?”

 “Got it!”

Liar! You didn’t catch anything but the fact that you were holding an expensive camera and didn’t know what to do with it. Now I was there trying to look through the camera, but I wasn’t seeing anything because it was set on live mode. So I’m holding the machine, the poor ladies are smiling their faces off, and it’s just not working. Well of course it was working, what I mean is I simply didn’t know what I was doing.

Eventually she realized that I was having trouble figuring it out and I must admit she was really sweet about it. She comes over, smiles and presses something and asks me to look into the camera again;

“Can you see anything now?”

“Yep, plain and clear…”

“Great…then you just press right here. Got it?”

“Got it…”

Of course you do, after making a complete fool of yourself…Haha. Long story short though, I took some great snaps and she went away without giving me her number. But that’s a story for another day. I…I mean Jack really needs to learn how to get his stuff together. Stupid Jack!

Like you saw, he’s nice. He tries and fails at times but he means well. That can however be used against him A LOT!!!!! Yeah, it needs that many exclamation points to emphasize, and I’ll tell you why in just a bit.

To be continued…

Make sure to also catch up with; YOU’RE A TOOL_THE COOKING POT next Monday 18th November 2017. Also, don’t forget to check out my collaboration with the lovely Shikha here and share the love if you enjoyed reading the same way we did creating it just for you.


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