#DAY 8

Proper equipment and tools-Combs, Spray bottles, Durags, Head scarves, Shower caps and Towels


You’ve heard it said a couple of times before and they’re right. Microfibre towels and old t-shirts are your friend, especially if you’re loc’d. They leave no bits in your hair, at least not bits that you can see anyway as long as they match your hair color.

They also don’t soak up all the moisture leaving your feeling dry and thirsty. They’re also gentler on the skin and face.

If you don’t mind however, air drying ensures that the hair takes in what it needs and lets the excess run off. That way you eliminate debris entirely and it gives you an excuse to sit out and enjoy some good old sun and breeze. Remember, minimal, affordable and easy is what you’re looking for.

When we’re talking combs, always go wide toothed. Fine toothed combs while good for relaxed straightened hair or collecting those stray strands during your loc monthly retouch (and I mean gathering, not combing) will do a whole lot of damage to your hair. This goes for the beards as well guys, yeah, you heard me. All round, wide toothed combs are the best. They don’t snag and they detangle just enough to make the hair or beard look neat.

When dealing with hair also, and especially natural hair and locs, you should never handle it dry, NEVER! It is the same as trying to bend a dry blade of grass, it will snap. A fresh green blade of grass however can be bend in any way back and forth and still keep shape. The same goes for moisturized hair.

When it’s moisturized, it’s easier to detangle and style the hair since the strands are turgid and flexible. Having a spray bottle with water therefore enables you to maintain this flexibility. Every so often, when the hair feels dry, you can lightly mist the hair because the point is to dampen it, not drench it. The water doesn’t have to be mixed with an oil because the two of them won’t mix in there anyway, then you can apply the oil after as a sealant.

Note, you do not have to spritz the hair every day, just when it is necessary, or when you normally oil your hair.

Use a shower cap and invest in a good one unless you want all the work and money you’ve spent on your hair to go down the drain. But I know you knew that so let’s move on.

So all of these tools and practices we’ve talked about are great, but will be pointless without protecting the actual hair. What am I saying? Wrap it up at night.

I know it’s a song you’ve probably heard over and over, but it’s only because it is the most important one. Tossing and turning and cotton sheets soak up your oils and moisture and leave the hair dry and brittle, which is why you probably have stray hairs everywhere when you wake up.

The oil on your sheets also does nothing to help your face. As you toss and turn, you’re rubbing that hair oil all over your face so don’t be getting surprised at why your clear forehead and cheeks are breaking out all of a sudden. It probably has something to do with how you sleep.

Satin and silk head scarves are your best friend. They can get kind of hot and might slip off when you sleep, so investing in bed sheets and pillow cases with the same material will really help you retain that moisture and keep that face clear.

At the end of the day therefore, the best tools are the difference between a successful journey and a not so successful one.


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