Small Things Matter


Accomplishing menial tasks will gear us towards accomplishing the bigger ones

Making your bed matters


Taking a bath matters


Reading a book matters


Talking to your friend matters


It is obedience and diligence in small things that grows into obedience and diligence in big things. If you cannot tithe from those 10 shillings for instance, the last of the money that you have at hand, then you definitely cannot tithe from the ten million that you’re hoping to get.

The Law of Gradual Growth

The kingdom of God is about progressive and gradual growth which begins with small matters. So accomplishing the purposes of God begins with small tasks he sets ahead of you.

Perhaps through your boss who gives you some paper work to do or is it your parent who is like “Why don’t you cook for us supper…” or a sibling who needs help in studying for an exam. Even more personal are the things that surround you, consider how neat your room is for instance.

Also, do you manage your own body, do you exercise it?

These things matter.

Your diet, how does it look like?

Do you eat properly in obedience to the Holy Spirit or at least in cohesion with a balanced diet?

We learn obedience to God and his purposes through the small things that surround us.

Dependency on God, Psalm 16:8, enables us to accomplish our day to day tasks; the small things that we need to do.

Whether its chores, work we’ve been given by our bosses to do, and not just to do them but to do them diligently and well, and learn from the experiences as well.

Then grace to do them flows from God’s throne Psalm 16:8 as we depend on God to accomplish the tasks that are set before us.

Today therefore start by picking up those clothes on the floor and the socks at the corner…start accomplishing the small tasks you keep turning down. Then gear up to the bigger ones with each accomplishment.



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