Are you ready My Liege, My Lady Lyane?
Your guests are here, you’re going to be late!

Don’t rush me Patrick, get off my hair!

The guests shall wait, i must prepare.

Is it time my Liege, shall i call the priest?
The ice is melting, the groom is here!

Relax Sir Patrick, get off my back,

You shouldn’t be barking at the bride like that.

My Gosh, dear lady, is that what you’ll wear,
Regard fair lady, that the king is there.

Oh stop Sir Patrick, my maids are here,

Dusting and pressing and grooming i hear.

Alas fair lady my queen Lyane,
You look marvelous, stunning, exquisite, divine.

Oh Stop it Sir Patrick, you tease, so well,

Now let me depart to my kingdom, farewell.


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