Hello my lovelies and yes, we have come to the end of yet another month and as usual, it is time for us to take stock and evaluate all that we have done and accomplished this month. 

To begin with, I would like to thank you all who have taken this journey with me thus far. We’re up to 32 followers and 2 email followers from a count of 3 followers this September, so thank you all for your continued support and likes. Your smiles are after all my muse here at #SMILENATION.

Straight away I will  admit that this has been my best month so far, laced with highlight upon highlight. The top of which is as you may have guessed, my very first and honestly quite  enjoyable collaboration with the lovely Shikha of PURPLE PANTS BLOG; A pleasantly raw, unbridled, magnificent writer, fearless creative and wonderful friend. 

A LETTER TO MY JANE challenged us to delve deep into creating something without a script, oozing with passion and portraying the clear exchange of distant lovers. It’s normally hard for me to marry together my own thoughts with text let alone bring forward true passion from nothing, but we tried our best and just in case you haven’t checked it out, hop on over to her blog to check it out. Thank you so much  for sharing the stage with me Shikha.

The second and most unbelievably special highlight for me is the amazing time that I have had with the Sony Alpha 550 DSLR camera, courtesy of my Big Brother’s kindness.

 There is only so far that we can go as photographers where our lenses and cameras can take us, and this beauty has taken me beyond my wildest dreams. There truly are angels living amongst us. Thanks a lot Edwin for letting me borrow your ‘very expensive camera and lenses’…hehe, the trust is unbelievable… you’re the best.

As you may also know from my previous stocktaking post, writer’s block and lack of motivation had become common place for me for quite a while. Therefore landing on this absolutely beautiful and inspiring woman by the name Maya Washington was by far the best thing that has happened to me in a long time.

 It reminds me that even though you do not know who is reading or watching you, strive to do what you do with all excellence and passion, seeking to help others more than just advancing your own agenda. It also taught me that sometimes it’s okay to, ‘DO YOU BOO…to…BE SHAMELESS’

Before this month I had also been one of the most random people to have ever existed. I would literally wake up and go with the flow every day.

Getting up to work on something I love and planning for it with TO-DO-LISTS, EDITORIAL CALENDARS and SCRIBBLNG IDEAS has therefore really helped me out of my stump. There’s a powerful transformation in setting things down in writing because it makes them more real and tangible and more so attainable. So don’t mind all the times that it didn’t work before, get up today and start changing things now. Start small and work your way up. Write it all down, get your sticky notes, have your planner, set reminders in your phone, do what you have to do to get you up and working. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself for it later.

I go into this next one risking your stoning, but the truth is that as a blogger, and especially one passionate about writing, you cannot escape the writing process. It is tasking and at times very draining, but it is in those times that we must keep writing. 

I have become so accustomed with my desk and cup of coffee that it seems unusual to not be sitting here striking away at my keyboard. Don’t fear the process, embrace it. Write even when you don’t feel like you have anything worth writing about. It is the fact that you keep exercising your brain muscles and challenging your lowest points that will develop consistency and growth in your writing. It will also really help you in those times when you cannot think of what to write about. I cannot tell you how thankful I have been to my past self for writing down and saving pieces that did not seem so powerful before, but after some editing here and there became tomorrow’s popular blog post.

Last but certainly not least however, I thank God for the strength to do all that I have been able to do. We all have our support structure and foundation for when we crumble and mine has been my faith and trust in God.

 As a writer and creative, I doubt my work quite a lot and it helps to know that I can fall back on someone who is stronger and always capable at any time and any place, so for everything I return my thanks to Jesus

It has been an amazing month and I thank you all for walking it with me. Your lovely comments, likes and support have been golden and I hope that the months to come shall only shine brighter.
So from me to you, I say thank you and most of all, let go of fear, choose to live each moment as if it were your last and let that flow through all that you do.



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