So once in a while it’s nice to get into your jeans, get out and just breathe. Trust me it does wonders for  the mind and even greater wonders for your creativity.


I like to think of nature as our own readymade portrait ripe for the plucking. The vibrance of color, fresh air and relaxing sound of birds and the wind is absolutely therapeutic. Take all that and add a bike to it and you’ve got yourself the perfect weekend.


To be honest I cannot remember the last time I got on a bike, but I was glad to learn that I hadn’t forgotten how to ride it just yet. I know I would have never outlived falling off from it for my entire life with my friends there, digital evidence and memes…haha. So I got my feet off the ground and we were off.


The marked trail you can see is a few metres into the Karura Forest Reserve where just off of Kiambu road and about 5km from the Nairobi CBD, you enter this lush and tranquil natural splendor. It is one of the largest gazzeted forests in the world fully within the city limits, covering an area of 2,500 acres, grown through country based corporate social responsibility and individual philanthropy.

Now secured and reclaimed by the Kenya Forest Service and the Friends of Karura Forest, the reserve welcomes you to walk the woods and interact with nature, while working hand in hand with the parastatal body to help protect our forests for future generations. No plastics though, because this is an organic and pollution free environment.


Having not ridden a bike in a while and not owning one either, we opted to rent out their mountain bikes that were available for only 500 shillings. Just make sure to turn them back in before closing time. You don’t want to be charged extra for dilly dallying in there. I wouldn’t blame you though. The place is absolutely breathtaking. If you love nature trails and greenery, you will love getting lost in here. Figuratively though, so don’t go wandering off into the unmarked trails…haha.


Since we got to the reserve at a little past 3 in the afternoon, we only had time to enjoy a bike ride and a brief glimpse at the 15 meter waterfall, which I unfortunately didn’t capture this time around, sorry guys. But I’m planning a return trip soon so you just might get lucky.

There’s however a lot you can do there besides riding the bikes. Horse riding, dog walking, jogging along the marked forest trails, walking, tree planting, bird watching or simply sitting and enjoying the peace and quiet. If you’re lucky like we were, you might even catch a glimpse at wildlife crossing the path, so shhhhh…keep it quiet.

There are also caves to view that were used as hideouts by the Mau Mau freedom fighters during the struggle for independence, archaeological sites, an old chimney incinerator used by the central bank to burn decommissioned currency up until the mid 1990s, oh and an old abandoned stone quarry pond now called Lilly Lake. Pretty name for a pond, right?

Anyway, enough learning, time for some random pictures on the bikes because you know we had to…haha.







P.S-Don’t mind the guy in the red jumper up there; *rolls eyes* Kids of these days, so jumpy, right?

Oh, we also had to take pictures off the bikes as well…stretch the legs…let the unfit catch a breath. Not mentioning any names…Hehe.




In case you’re wondering where I am, I’m the one behind the camera eliciting all those gorgeous smiles. What can I say; I tend to have that effect on people.

But I mean, aren’t they photogenic? We should totally consider modeling careers. Haha.


I didn’t realize just how many photos we took until now…and all the smiling…haha





But as with all good things, this trip had to come to an end. I know, so sad, but I guess that’s how it should always be. The expectancy of another good time with friends and getting in touch with the outdoors rejuvenates us and makes us long for the holidays with all manner of excitement. For now however, I bid you adieu and urge you to take some time off at least once in a while.

If not for anything else, for your peace of mind and rejuvenation of mind and body. Plus silly pointless selfies and banter with friends of course…haha. Thank you all for a lovely afternoon in the woods.






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