First of all, Happy Jamhuri (Independence) Day to all my Kenyan Compatriots.

Now if you live in Kenya and have passed through public school, then chances are that one of your excursions has led you to the Vasco Dagama pillar. Mostly it happens in primary school, class eight. If you can relate let me get a *woop woop* Haha.


I honestly think that I can visit the place again and again because it’s quite affordable and the scenery is just amazing. If you like taking photographs, you’ll go crazy when you get here.


Our faithful tour guide whom you must know by now if you’ve been following my posts under photography was a gem. He broke down the history of how the Portuguese used the pillars to track their journey from home and back.
This pillar was actually the second one built because the initial one had been built next to a mosque and because the locals were predominantly Arab, they were motioned to demolish the initial pillar and erected the one that currently stands in a different location. I could have some of my facts wrong, and if I do, I’m sorry…haha. I was distracted by the winding walkways, shadows and colors.






It’s some distance from the road because the pillar actually stands at the edge of a black coral reef. I didn’t mind however because it gave me time to bask in the silent beauty of it all.


If you’ve followed my posts thus far you may have noticed that I enjoy capturing Fauna a lot, but it’s mainly because it’s still and beautiful. Flowers behave unlike animals that are constantly moving around.


I particularly enjoyed capturing this line of cacti that was planted right alongside the wall. I found it very beautiful in an interesting way…haha.

I also noticed that I had come to Mombasa and not gotten enough photos of palm trees. So I had to solve that right away.


Then I moved on to capture the black coral at the water’s edge. Apparently the government does not allow the harvesting of this coral because it acts as a wall barrier for the land at the coast. It makes sense of course because if it is harvested then the water will eat into the island and cause havoc. Nobody wants that…

The sea was so blue and beautiful I just couldn’t resist.


Then I noticed some more interesting photo ops.


They were a tad eerie but I didn’t mind.


Then we walked on, nearing the actual star of the moment…



And there it was…
In all its whitewashed glory…


You get to appreciate these monuments in the richness of their stories; how they built them, why they did so, the tempestuous months at sea, the diseases, the politics and religion behind it all. It’s quite remarkable actually. Without all these stories, it is simply a pillar with a cross at the top.
I had seen it before of course so I was more captivated by the peeking rays at the walkways…


Haha…I was looking like some sort of crazed sniper, contorting in weird angles just to get these snaps, but I guess that’s the fun of it all. Getting lost in the moment when it’s just you and your camera lens.
Oh yeah, we also saw an octopus, although I’m not so sure where those snaps are…haha. I’ll look into that and compile a post of all the interesting creatures we happened upon while out there.
In a nutshell though, it was an amazing experience. The good thing about visiting a place again is that you get to see different more interesting things that you did not get to see because you were bent on that one main attraction.
So revisit and change your perspective on things you have seen before.
Otherwise for now, I bid you adieu.
Thank you for reading.



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  1. Absolutely beautiful! 🌹♥️

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    1. Thank you so much 😊 I’m glad you liked it.

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  2. Purple Pants says:

    Happy Independence day Eli!
    I see from your posts you travel a lot. Nice😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Shikha. Haha… Not a lot… It’s the holidays I guess… Gives the best excuse for visiting as many places as possible.

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