Things had really changed ever since my wife and I got into government. The home cooked meals were suddenly replaced with microwave dinners and date night had become a thing of the past. Together however, we were the ideal power couple. 

Every man needs his muse and anchor, and that is exactly what Patricia was for me. She grounded me and walked by my side stronger each day than I ever thought possible. She was amazing. We had come so far now as to be nominated as the Prime Minister of the World Wide Web. Yes, it was phenomenal.
The world had transformed over time into a global community. Everything from school to marriage and as far as business and global empires were concerned depended on the World Wide Web. 

I for instance had sold my fifteenth ‘multi-billion dollar corporation’, brandishing a whooping fortune to my name and respect for the ruthless yet ingenious way that I carried out my businesses. Having earned my place at the seat of honor; The Board of Directors for the United Nations Global Internet Society, I was the ideal candidate for the job. Why? Well besides the commitment to make more money than anyone else who had come before me, or had tried to come after me, I was also born into it. 

My father had introduced me to computers, software engineering and programming before I could walk and I probably knew how to create a website before I could talk. Exaggerated? Not at all because I knew this job like the back of my hand and even though many had attempted to unseat me from the title, I was by far the most successful internet guru on the planet. However, every Achilles has his heel, and mine was none other than Jeremy.

I had met the young man in my mid-forties when he had applied for an internship at my company,  Ginai Technologies Incorporated. He was an exceptional young man, good looking, tall, clever and very well-articulated. 

He had schooled at Oxford and was the only child of a widowed millionaire who spoiled him with every form of luxury that he had ever wanted. That meant that he had gotten used to getting his way with everything that he did. I on the other hand was not going to put up with the tantrums of a privileged thumb sucker from the suburbs who grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth and a trust fund in his name. 

He hated me for pushing him, but I did, because I saw potential in him and I wasn’t going to let privilege cloud him from using that beautiful brain to create magic. I was soon to find out that you can take the man out of the million dollar mansion, but you can’t take the spoiled rotten trust fund baby out of the man. 

He was to later execute a flamboyantly catastrophic yet surprisingly brilliant coup to overthrow my leadership over the company and control the rights to all the shares invested into the corporation. It would however take a whole lot more than a spoiled rotten kid to put old Arnold down.

I was now well over sixty years and still on top of my game. Having the title of Prime Minister would ensure that I would not only have full controlling and execution rights over the affairs governing the entire World Wide Web, I would also have direct links with each country around the world and control the inflow and outflow of all information, transactions and communication. 

Forget being president of Kenya, I was going to be in charge of all communication happening all over the world. Power like that needed a forthright campaign slogan and I had to come up with a platform that would appeal not only to my following, but to those loyal to my opposition as well.

After all the revolutionary change and growth in the world, it was clear that as far as advancing in technology, there was no limit to where we could go. In all the growth however, it was very easy to forget what brought us together as an online community, which is to stay connected with everyone at any time and from any device, and make money while at it of course. This is where my anchor and muse came in. 

My wife had always spearheaded the greatest ideas and innovations that had launched us forward this far. I was therefore not going to let anyone else but her design and come up with the best angle to walk with, and she definitely did; Investment Pods.

There was nothing that I knew better than multiplying money, and on the other hand, there was nothing that people loved more than knowing they were getting something out of doing practically nothing. The platform was therefore full proof. We would come up with investment pods where internet ISPs would be auctioned back to the government and rented out to businesses and websites worldwide for monthly and yearly fees according to their content and following. 

The entire ‘internet property’ would then be divided into service provider plots where users in the area get to invest in purchasing shares for websites and corporations whose traffic passes through those virtual plots. The plots with the most traffic and online purchases would then be paid in respect to the number of registered users and general cumulative clicks and interaction on the site. In short therefore, the more people used the internet and bought stuff online, is the more their shares appreciated, and the more money they would get from the appreciated shares. It was brilliant. 

The campaigns progressed effortlessly. We were racking in a lot of support and bringing in more following than we had initially thought possible. It therefore took us by surprise when we caught wind of the plans that were underfoot at Jeremy’s camp; my opposition.

Unbeknownst to us, he had partnered with the investment giant Liable Corp and struck a deal to offer his users double the share capital interest and bigger virtual plots at cheaper prices to the websites and corporations worldwide. 

That sneaky weasel, he had not only spied on our plans, he had actually executed and sealed all the avenues such that the only way out of this was to allow him a bigger percentage of shares if I won or concede defeat and retire a defeated old man. 

Sitting behind my desk that night for the very first time in my life I was cornered. Though a virtuoso in my craft, I now had to invest all my time and energy into destroying this infuriating yet slightly impressive mad genius that I had created.


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