The drapes fluttered open as the sunlight flooded her, his rays rippling and warm kissing her finger tips, face and lips. He took her, devoured her and swallowed her whole. Brazen he was as he flowed over her, brushing through raven hair glistened with olive sheen and loose curls. His molten graze seared pleasantly on her neck and shoulders, pouring down bare back and dainty feet.
She groaned and moaned satisfied as he wrapped and smothered her in his hot embrace, awakening and illuminating her, calling her out to the balcony. She answered; slid the aluminum door and floated gracefully; willingly into his golden arms and basked in his teasing touch.
He tickled her supple buttery skin that glowed youthful and taunt under his fiery gaze, brown and moistened in aloe and coconut oil. She had missed the beach, the salty smell of the sea and the breeze… Oh, the breeze.
He had missed her too ;hugged and bathed her, lavishing her in gentle whispers raked through soft hair and over pointed ears. He wanted her for himself wanted to have her, to soothe her. Cool and refreshing he swept around her, taunting shamelessly. They both wanted her, longed for her, were willing to die for her.
They tustled, fought, blew and shone, brighter, cooler, till they won. Their blows lifted her skirt, blew her blouse, fanned her hair up high. She loved it when they fought for it made her glisten. Her healthy locks flying and skin dabbed in tanned golden glow.

She was by far their irrefutable, irresistible, delectably adored coastal mistress.
A delicious post for all you lovelies out there. Hope you enjoyed it. If so I’d definitely love to hear all about it.



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