If there is one thing I have learnt in my short time as a writer it is the need to keep things short and simple. Though I did learn it though, I have had the hardest time actually doing anything about it since keeping it short and simple has never come easy. To change is to grow however and I think that time has definitely allowed me this growth. I shall therefore try my best to do just that in today’s post.

It has been really hard for me to learn how to not do everything, having been trying to do everything in order to find out just what works for me. I guess I love the rush of being everywhere at the same time, handling this and that. The effects however do show with time and the wear and tear I must say has had its toll on me.

That’s why when someone whispered to me the need for stability in these few simple words; DO ONE THING… I hopped onto it without much of a struggle.

It is new and quite hard I must add, but it is sensible. I cannot be good at everything, but if I applied myself, I could actually be great at just one thing. Who knows, that one thing might actually be all that I need to get things around me back to order. Anyway, I digress.

Today I challenged myself to do just that. Find one thing, do it and stick with it. What is that one thing you ask? Reading of course… I happen to be the worst reader that quite possibly existed and that is not very good as a writer. I find myself often as a watering well drawn of water without the opportunity for refilling. This is therefore quite necessary for me as it is timely.

My challenge begins with a little book I found. 

I think slaying the beast one tiny gremlin at a time will do me greater good for now…haha. Decadent by Suzanne Foster is my drug for the next nine days or so. I thought of it this way, with 245 pages, reading 25 a day, I would be done in about that time. That will round it down to about 20 pages split in half between breakfast and lunch, and five after supper. Seems easy enough right? 

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m willing to give a shot at being good at something by actually finishing what I started. The process is never really enjoyable, at least for me it mostly isn’t, but that is why I choose to do it; To apply myself to overcome myself. 

If I defeat my own laziness and unwillingness, then the war is won. I am after all my greatest enemy and inhibitor. If I conquer myself, then I can convince myself to apply myself to do even better next time.

So wish me luck and join me if you may. I will be documenting my progress as I move along, not sure how but maybe you can give me an idea. 

Change is new to me and I detest it quite vehemently…haha, but a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down and the sugar is in seeing myself actually do it. That of course coupled with peace of mind from focusing on just one thing. Multitasking is after all quite the familiar conundrum for those of my gender…or so I’ve heard…Haha.

Wish me luck.



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  1. Purple Pants says:

    Hahaha.. you do that. And if you need to cheat let me know:p

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    1. Oh so it’s like that huh? Hahaha… Who am I kidding though… I have the attention span of a toddler… 😂😂😂I’ll just stick to my 9 days. For now… 😈 Tihihi… I mean Mwahaha… 😂😂😂

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  2. Purple Pants says:

    Haha.. I was just having some fun :p

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I know… But you’ve riled the competitor in me now… I just have to accept the challenge now 😁😁😁

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  3. Purple Pants says:

    Let me know how you progress about it. 😛 I am one of the fastest readers when I want to be, so I really would love to see how you go. If the book is interesting enough I can read 250 pages in just 24 hrs 😀

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    1. OK… Now you’re just rubbing it in 😏😏😏😁 I’ll keep you posted, don’t worry…

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