Inspired by Suzanne Forster’s DECADENT and today’s Daily Prompt Word : Blink


If I blink I might lose him; what of Vix and his high-stakes games.

If I blink I won’t  see his face, that gorgeous luscious stranger’s gaze.

If I blink I might lose it, that black Porsche Targa in the woods.

If I blink his breath his kiss, will pull me in, won’t let me be. 

If I blink then he will win, it’s time to put a stop to this.

I’ll embarrassingly admit that it is my first time to hold the pages of a mills and boon creation between my fingers and suffice it to say, scorching, hot and sexy are an understatement. Suzanne has reeled me in and won’t let go. Then again,  I’m not sure I want her to…haha. Page 68 this morning, so far so good. Let’s do this 🍸📖💋💖💄👠

*Cracks Knuckles*



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