FIN – Unmasking Suzanne Forster’s “Decadent”

So first of all… yeeeeiy! Haha…

I get the pleasure of saying that I finished what I started and stuck with it.

Congratulations Eli!

Why thank you Eli, Congratulations to you too, I knew you could do it.

Liar! You were waiting me to give up halfway.

True, but I’m glad you proved me wrong.

Man hug?

Man hug!

Haha…but truly, it feels so good to have actually done it. I should be honest though, a good challenge is always preferred and although 24 hours is still way too hard right now, I must say your comment was the helpful spoonful of sugar that I needed Shikha, so thank you!

Now like I said in my last post, I’ll try my best to keep this very short and to the point. Getting into Decadent, I must admit that I was expecting a frivolously raunchy story with mindlessly steamy sex and not much of a story to string me along. I was satisfactorily quite disappointed to find out that this was furthest from the truth.

Fact is, the horny teenage boy in me was more than thrilled to be indulged in the steamy way that she awakened and toyed with my imagination. Suffice it to say if it were possible I would turn red with every flip of the pages. So you can imagine my surprise when beyond that I found that the story itself was a whole lot more delicious than I expected it would be.

Suzanne definitely has a way with words, a magnanimous imagination and a cheeky sense of humor which came out quite beautifully in this story. 

She goes ahead to spin quite a fictional tale of ghosts and haunted hallways, filthy rich billionaires, exiled princesses and brooding blonde heartthrobs. Yes, everything that you would expect from a classic romance story. She however steps out of the norm with intricately crafted hidden secrets, intellectual investigations and a spinning twist in the end that I must say was quite ravishing.

Bravo Suzanne. I will definitely be looking for another of your creations very soon as well as a cold glass of water to down the scorching hot read.

To my lovelies however I say read on and remember… It is far better to be good at ‘one’ than subpar in ‘everything’.




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