Good morning lovelies and a Fantastic Friday to you all. I have to admit that this past week has been quite the handful for me, and it is rather refreshing to be able to dive into the world of fantasy for a while and just forget about it all. That’s why I’m absolutely thrilled that my current read has so far not been a disappointment at all.

So I’ve been pinching out books that I had borrowed from my sister but never really got around to reading until now. This time around my hands fell on this 438 pager by Erica James by the title ‘PARADISE HOUSE’. 

I don’t know about you but I think that a title really adds quite the necessary flair needed for a good story. I know how hard it normally is when I’m trying to find just the right title for my works. In fact, I go as far as not to title it at all and continue with the story itself until the perfect title just falls into my lap or reveals itself through the characters or the feel of the story, but, I digress.

So just a brief profile of Erica James; she grew up in Hampshire and has since lived in Oxford, Yorkshire and Belgium. She now lives in Cheshire with her two sons, Edward and Samuel. She is the author of ten bestselling novels, four of which have been nominated for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award. I don’t know about you but I think that is just incredible…right? 

To the story then…haha

Angel Sands is a traditional seaside resort of bed and breakfasts, holiday cottages and teashops. And with the best views of the tiny beach and surrounding coastline is Paradise House, home to the Baxter girls-known locally as the Sisters of Whimsy.

With their mother taking time out to ‘find’ herself, it’s down to Genevieve to run the family-owned bed and breakfast which is not an easy task given that their father has suddenly become a magnet for the opposite sex. There’s also little help from her sisters as Nattie is too busy offending a long-time admirer and Polly spends most of the time with her head in the clouds or a book.

Then a nearby dilapidated barn is sold and Genevieve finds that a bittersweet trip down memory lane is unavoidable…

Sounds interesting right? Believe me it is. I was hooked to the story the minute I started and am only more eager to turn the next page with each stroke of Erica’s magic. I’m not going to let up a lot right now because I can’t wait to actually consume it all before I can now give a comprehensive laydown of the story, but I must say, so far so good.

Who knew reading was so much fun…haha.

Thanks as always for reading lovelies. Until next time,



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