Over three months ago we made a 100 kilometer or so move from Nairobi to Kitui. Well technically rent skyrocketed and reality kicked in that things weren’t as ‘City in the Sun’ as they used to be. But hey, no sweat right, coz I mean… Grown Ass Men Don’t Cry.

Understandably most of you may be wondering: What’s so bad about Kitui? A bunch of you may have no idea where the heck it is. I don’t blame you. It’s the only shagz I know (by shagz I mean up country, rural area, where my grandparents live) and for the longest time, the city in the sun kept me away and busy long enough to pretend that it didn’t exist. Fact is though that as we all know, life has a very cruel sense of humor and always welcomes the opportunity to trip us over and have a good laugh while at it. So anyway, back to the what’s so bad about Kitui part.

So we pack up, hectic as it is and move down to the grassroots. See this is home for mum and dad. It’s where they grew up, went to school, heck even got married… I think. But the point is, they have their roots dug in deep over here. I on the other hand roll up into memory lane like a fish out of water. I’ve been here a few times yes and enjoyed it a bunch, but I always knew at the back of my mind that we’d be back in Nairobi in a couple of weeks. Joke’s on me now though because once the movers left, it hit me… Crap! There’s no going back.

Now to enlighten those of us still wondering where Kitui is, it’s as I said, about 100 km away from Nairobi. A 3 hour drive into kamba land where WiFi will be thoroughly missed and for about three nights straight my sleep would be terrorized by some GMO rats living in my ceiling probably procreating the heck out of the sweaty hot nights I was not prepared for. (long story, trust me). But it’s fine right, coz Grown Ass Men Don’t Cry…

So the freaking out part of me is in a constant blow to blow with the sane part of me, trying to get used to this new life and getting comfortable with letting go of what was: Sweet sweet unlimited internet and the rodent free rented three bedroomed. (Breaks out in fits of uncontrollable crying) It’s cool, I’m okay… I can do this.

At this point it’s very clear that there’s no going back, only forward, I mean, life has to go on, right? Now everything about the move tells me it’s for the better. For one, no more rent. Number two, fresh country air. Number three… Hmmmm… I’m gonna have to think about number three, but you get my point… Major on the positives.

I mean I was absolutely impressed at how much my folks have sorted themselves out. They have a good head start in real estate and even have their own tenants racking in rent at the end of the month. So again I ask, What’s so bad about Kitui?

Oh I don’t know, rodents, scorpions, spiders, sweaty nights, no Wi-Fi, irregular cell phone service… Should I go on?

But then again, I can’t ignore the fact that my folks definitely got their stuff together. I mean we’re not out in the rain right now because they took care of their business and well… It’s about time I started taking care of mine.

So there may be everything wrong with Kitui right now and it may not be what this spoiled rotten bred kid from Nairobi would have wanted, but fact is, it’s where I am right now. I could cry about it yes (God knows I’ve tried), complain about it (I’ve definitely done a whole lot of that) but fact is, Grown Ass Men Don’t Cry, They work with what they have.


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