250 words in 15 minutes.
250 words to a page.
10 pages a day.
100 days to a novel.
3 novels a year.

That was Anthony Trollope’s reckoning
in his Autobiography.

“It had at this time become my custom…
to write with my watch before me, and
to require from myself 250 words every
quarter of an hour. I have found
that the 250 words have been forthcoming
as regularly as my watch went.”

But Trollope was writing by hand,
with a dip pen.

On a keyboard, it’s entirely possible
to type twice that number of words in 15 minutes.

Which would shorten the 2 and a half hours
needed to write Trollope’s daily quota
of 2500 words to just 1 and a quarter hours.

With a little practice (or at worst a dictation
app), you could get it done in 1 hour.

Set aside 1 hour a day to write your novel, and
you can finish a 75,000-word first draft
in one month.

Just 1 hour a day.

Schedule it in your planner.

Ask your housemates not to disturb you.

Tell your co-workers you have a meeting.

Never doubt that the words will be forthcoming
as regularly as your watch!

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